“Its the thrill, I feel my heartbeat race”


Miguel’s sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream is out now! Kaleidoscope Dream, the follow-up to his 2010 debut “All I Want Is You”, features eleven tracks including his first single “Adorn” with production from Pop & Oak, Saleem Remi, Jerry Wonda, The Phatboiz, J. Milla, and Miguel. Miguel also wrote the entire album, and that is great in itself.  Miguel stated in many interviews that Kaleidoscope Dream is “A collection of my perspective on my life and lifestyle”. He said that “It’s an ode to the real R&B in the sense that it’s more about the soul behind the music”. Alicia Keys is featured on one songs off of Kaleidoscope Dream entitled “Where’s the Fun in Forever?”.  “Adorn”, “Arch and Point” and “The thrill” are Musicologistblog’s top three favorite songs off the album. Miguel is currently on tour promoting Kaleidoscope Dream, to find out more about his music and tour schedule check out this link:officialmiguel

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