The Human Flamingo


The Human Flamingo

This is genius, cool and unique. The Human Flamingo is the work of Gesine Marwedel and photographed by Thomas van de Wall. Gesine’s unique “body” of work is done by transforming live models into human canvases. She uses special paints that do not harm to the human skin, just to let you know. Gesine, who is a German speech therapist, studied Rehabilitation Science at University where she learnt how to help sick children through creative therapies such as art and music; that is something that Musicologistblog highly admires and salutes.

Both the art work and the way Thomas van de Wall captured the moment, feeling, meaning, and form of  Gesine’s work was beautiful. One can interpret this piece in so many different ways; it is the same exact pose a real flamingo displays when it is sleeping.

When I analyzed “The Human Flamingo”, the first thing that came to mind was dance, and that the model was just going to burst into a dance move and then the next thought of course was music (song). To accompany this art work let me give you guys some music, the first song that popped into my head was Bjork’s- “Hidden Pace”.  It relayed some of the feelings and vibes that I interpreted from this beautiful work of art. There were many other songs that also popped into my head after that, but I decided to give you this one. 


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