“TV Cello”

Nam June Paik was a Korean American artist who worked with an array of media and is deemed as the first video artist. Nam June Paik participated in a form of art known as Neo-Dada art movement, which was inspired by the use of everyday sounds and noises in music. His work entitled TV Cello, merged his video, music and performance with classical cellist Charlotte Moorman to create “the first real innovation in the cello design since 1600”-Charlotte Moorman. When Moorman moved her bow across the “cello,” images of her and other cellists playing became visible on the screens; similarities of this can be seen in another one of Paik’s pieces entitled Ars Electronica. TV Cello was just one of many genius pieces that Naim June Paik had created and brought to life video art. To find out more about Paik’s life and genius go to one of his museums or check out his site. In the mean time here is some music to accompany his work of art; the female Korean-American experimental musician and composer Bora Yoon. Bora uses unconventional instruments in her music. She is actual performing in Nam June Paik’s museum in the video you are about to see.


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Michael Jackson

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. R.I.P(1958-2009)

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Melody Gardot is a Grammy-nominated American singer, writer and musician who considers herself a “citizen of the world”. Melody Gardot has released three albums including: “Worrisome Heart” (Feb 26, 2008), “My One and Only Thrill” (April 28, 2009), and “The Absence” which was released on May 28, 2012. Her voice is breathtaking, her passion, drive and love for music can be both seen and heard all throughout her music and life. Musicologistblog wants to share a wonderful artist such as Melody Gardot in more than just one way, so today’s video, song, and live performance of the day will be by Melody Gardot.

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Bombay Bicycle Club are an English indie rock band from Crouch End, London. The band consists of Jack Steadman, Jamie MacColl, Ed Nash, and Suren de Saram.