D’Angelo and the Vanguard


Fourteen years after his last album, the R&B star returns with a warm, expansive masterpiece. Here’s to messiahs worth waiting for. D’Angelo has kept the world fiending 14 years for the follow-up to his Crisco-thick R&B classic, Voodoo, but as the man himself purrs in “Sugah Daddy,” “Can’t snatch the meat out of the lioness’ mouth/Sometimes you gotta just ease it out.” Black Messiah shows how deep easy can go. D’Angelo and his band have built an avant-soul dream palace to get lost in, for 56 minutes of heaven. [via rollingstone]

Black Messiah by D'Angelo & The Vanguard

BLACK MESSIAH out now! iTunes! It’s definitely a great and must have album.  To find out more about D’Angelo, his music and any upcoming events check out this link: blackmessiah