Song of the day….

    John Mayer has obviously jumped on the trend of lyric videos for the release of his new single Paper Doll. The lyric video features Joanna Rohrback who demonstrates “A prance to romance to”. Paper doll is the first single from his upcoming record Paradise Valley. There is no release date set yet for Paradise Valley but John plans to keep fans up to date on his progress with a series of YouTube clips that offer a behind-the-scenes look at his work in the studio. Along with his new album John is set for a huge summer tour that will mark his official return to the stage after undergoing two rounds of surgery to repair a granuloma in his throat. John’s voyage kicks off July 04th at WAWA Welcome America Festival in Philadelphia, PA.

    Some may speculate that John wrote the song about former girlfriend, Taylor Swift, because of lines in the song such as: “here’s a dress of gold and blue/sure was fun being good to you”, “someone’s gonna paint you another sky”, “you’re like 22 girls in one” and the recurring use of the color red. All I can say is that it is a cool, sweet, and mellow heart breaker song built around beautiful guitar licks and it is a great start to his upcoming album. To find out more about John Mayer and his upcoming tours check out this link: johnmayer