Artist of the Day


G-Dragon , is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and model. The member of K-pop hearthrobs Big Bang, G-Dragon took over the South Korean music charts with his new track “That XX.” His new single “That XX” made a complete turn compared to his recently released track “One Of A Kind.” G-Dragon has also announced that he will be releasing a new mini-album (EP in the US) titled One Of A Kind. The new release will contain six songs including “That XX,” “One Of A Kind,” and a track featuring the upcoming new YG girl group (including Jenny Kim).

3 thoughts on “Artist of the Day

  1. When I first started watching “That XX,” G-dragon reminded me strongly of Kim Hyun-joong, who’s an actor and in one show is also a musician. But they are not the same person. . . but I love Korean music of all kinds!

  2. How strange that I am still the only one who bothered to click and “Like” this post when there are already many people liking your other posts. I wonder whether that has something to do with cultural differences, and whether some of your readers are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and/or uninterested with/in music from certain countries, cultures, peoples.

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